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Peter Jones

Principal, Jones Law.

About Jones Law  - Peter Jones | Principal, Jones Law.

Peter Jones has been a practising lawyer for over 30 years both in private practice and as an inhouse lawyer working for the Wellington City Council.

Peter specialises in property and commercial work but also in Trusts, estate planning, wills, enduring power of attorney, deeds, property relationship agreements and commercial work including leasing and business transactions. He has a consultant to assist where needed.

If you are or become involved in a dispute he can help you resolve it or refer you to an appropriate specialist to do that.

He was a trustee for many years of the Wellington Housing Trust (now Dwell Housing Trust) a charitible provider of social housing.He also served as Chair of Wellington Housing Trust.

Peter is more than happy to give you an estimate of the legal fees for any work required. Please do not hesitate to contact Peter for your legal work by telephone.

We operate from our home office at the city end of Karori and are very flexible with meeting times. Parking and access to the office to attend meetings is easy.


Legal Services

Conveyancing & property

Jones Law personally liaises with clients at all times to ensure the sale or purchase of your home or investment property is completed in the most effective way helping you resolve issues with timely legal advice.

We particularly like assisting first home buyers into their first home.

We will explain the sale and purchase agreement to you, attend to title searches and check a land information memorandum or building report and advise you on any issues.

  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Transfer of property (conveyancing)
  • Mortgage of property
  • Property management agreements between owners
  • Refinancing a mortgage
  • Relationship property agreement

Please contact Peter Jones if you have any queries on this type of work.


We have set up a number of Trusts for clients. We have assisted in the transfer of assets to a Trust and always ensure these transactions are documented properly.

All this means a Trust will have a greater chance of remaining immune from any challenge.

The new Trusts Act 2019 applies to all Trusts and we have assisted clients to review Trusts in light of this legislation.

We have set up Trusts under the new Act or varied existing Trusts to ensure they comply with the Act.

Where appropriate we have wound up and terminated Trusts where they are no longer necessary or where issues due to compliance with the new Act outweigh the advantages of continuing with the Trust. We can provide information on request on Trusts and advise whether it is in a client’s best interests to set one up or not.

We liaise with a client’s accountant to ensure any Trust we set up is compliant and necessary from a tax perspective.

  • Establish and review family trusts under the Trusts Act 2019
  • Vary trusts where required
  • Wind up and terminate trusts
  • Work with the accountant for the Trust where needed

Please contact Peter Jones if you have any queries on this type of work.

Estate planning and personal documents

We act efficiently if a client dies and the time comes to wind up the client’s estate.

  • Prepare wills
  • Review wills as family circumstances change
  • Administer estates

We will act to ensure a client’s Will wishes are put into clear unambiguous documents.

Making a Will is one of the most important documents a client will sign. We will draft you a will to ensure your estate goes to who you wish it to go to. Devoid of a Will your estate could go to persons other than as you intended.

A Will maker needs to keep his/her will uptodate to account for life changes, for example a partner dies or you get married. We will help you achieve this.

Please contact Peter Jones if you have any queries on this type of work.

Enduring powers of attorney

Anyone can become mentally incapable due to medical misadventure (for example a stroke) and needs to plan to manage such a calamity.

We can prepare enduring power of attorney documents where a client appoints a person as its attorney to act in the event of the client’s mental incapacity for property and personal care and welfare matters (2 separate documents). Failure to have such documents in place may require your caregiver or other person to apply to the Family Court to be appointed an attorney for such matters.

We will draft the documents and ensure the necessary check and balances are in place in these documents to ensure your attorney acts responsibly and in your best interests.

Commercial property

We will ensure a client has practical legal and tax advice on the above matters.

  • Sale and purchase of business’s
  • Commercial leasing
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements

We have considerable experience in leasing of commercial premises and know how best to approach a landlord to obtain its consent e.g. to an assignment of your lease on a business sale.

Company shareholders and directors may need an agreement to provide for how a company is to be managed. For example it could provide on the death of a shareholder, that its shares must first be offered for sale to the surviving shareholders and how the shares are to be valued and paid for. Also it could provide how to break a deadlock in the event of a dispute between shareholders. We can provide legal documentation to provide for the unique circumstances of your company.

Please contact Peter Jones if you have any queries on this type of work.

Our Team

Peter Jones


Peter has had over 30 years of legal practice Wellington and Hawke’s Bay. He is friendly, approachable and relaxed.

He studied at Auckland, Otago and Victoria University to obtain his law degree.

He looks for economical and practical solutions to client’s enquiries.

He is a keen golfer, gardener and enjoys flyfishing and walking the family Jack Russell.


  • LLB (Victoria University)
  • Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Law Society
  • Wellington Law Society
  • Past Chair and Trustee Wellington Housing Trust and Trustee Dwell Housing Trust
Peter Jones - Jones Law

Barbara Jones

Barbara is a key member of our team. She has had over 20 years of legal experience and has worked in London in executive secretarial roles.

Barbara helps manage the Trust Account, supervised by Peter. She handles a wide variety of property conveyancing and processing of documents.

She is happy to deal directly with clients when required.

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